Sunday, December 14, 2008

Moi' awkward is this? What can I say about me? My sister, Carolyn, tagged me a few weeks ago to tell 7 things about myself... Seven...hmmm...I can do that!

1. I was hit by bus and broke my pelvis while vacationing in Thailand.

2. I like to iron, especially my kid's clothes.

3. Although I disagree with him, my husband says I really enjoy slapstick humor... he says I laugh hysterically anytime I watch a scene with someone falling or getting walloped.

4. I am just learning to knit & I love it! I can only knit a garter stitch & scarves, but will have plenty of scarves for the future!

5. I met Bill Clinton and he had the most fabulous hands I'd ever seen!

6. I don't like to share certain foods with other people, even my kids! These foods would be...bananas, cheese & yogurt. I will break off a piece of my banana for you, but I won't let you take a bite of it.

7. I have lots of theories - Like we should send our elderly to developing countries for retirement... Homeless folks need to unite & call themselves a religion...

Now I believe I'm suppose to tag 7 other folks...
so that would be Fiona, Kerri, Katie, Katie, Blair, Danielle, and Katherine


BEAT said...

I feel honored to be tagged. This so gives me a reason to not finish my paper! Yes!

Kerri said...

Awesome series - I feel honored to have been a part.

#8 - You are an awesome friend to all your friends. You might be the one person I know that keeps in touch with friends the best.

Cheers to Lindsey!

Anonymous said...

If you ever want to iron some clothes for me I'll let you. :)

Katherine said...

Katherine who?

Danielle said...

danielle... me! my name was listed! yikes... i feel honored... and up to the challenge. ill see what i can do! :)