Thursday, December 4, 2008


Markette, one of, if not the one, who came up with the idea of our weekly (when the sun is still out) neighborhood gatherings - the mastermind! A brilliant woman, with a distinguished career, (even with the police at her house all hours of the day & night.) She's dedicated to her family, both near & far, a great mother, a super wife and a more than generous friend. She's always the first to volunteer her house, a pizza or beer for a gathering of friends. Our families couldn't be more different at times, but strangely enough that seems to make us better friends, ones who appreciate each other's differences. Cheers to Markette!


Kerri said...

See, different isn't always bad!

fiona said...

love the light...different is is what makes the world go round...great post about markette. so true!