Thursday, December 11, 2008


My dear friend Fiona, the one who ceremoniously left me earlier this year... I know, I know I should be over it...but I'm not...maybe one day - but to be honest, I don't think she wants me to get over it either - she loves the fact that we still mourn their move...

These past 8 days or so have been fantastic! I have loved sharing my wonderful friends with you! I should have said this in the beginning, they were introduced in no particular order...that is until now... I saved the craftiest for last!! This Mama is one mean crafter! Need a Halloween costume, but too lazy to Fiona! Need an adorable shirt with your child's name and social security on Fiona! Need fancy Fiona (and you'll be getting that call soon!) There really isn't anything this woman can't do! I swear this is a direct quote from her...true story... one day she and her husband were having a squabble about the state of their home, apparently he felt it wasn't being kept up to snuff...she cries out to him "I told you I wasn't a cleaner - I'm crafty!"

I'm so glad that Fiona & I are friends! She's been more than supportive over the past year & a 1/2 with my photography, willing to do anything in the name of creativity, always up for sharing a beer with me, an awesome mom & wife & a great friend! Cheers to Fiona!


Kerri said...

Great Photo and commentary of the Queen of Craft! The entire series was really cool!

fiona said...

thank you forgot somebody have been one the the best friends any of us could have...i wouldn't trade our friendship or the rest of "the hood" for anything...and i have news for you, i still mourn the move too! houses are one thing, but neighbors are a hundred times better. love you!

by the the can't even tell i have a turkey neck!