Friday, April 30, 2010

Caitlyn & Luke

My kids play this game - where they take on another persona - Caitlyn (or is it Kaitlyn or Katelyn??) and Luke. It's pretty obvious where the name Luke came from - our honored cousin - but Caitlyn - no idea... The funny thing is that when they are playing these personalities - they listen to me really well!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day our little Montessori had it's own celebration and made a big deal about the day. Lots of talk about helping the planet, keeping it clean, no littering, etc... I went a little early to pick up my boy and happen to catch the tail end of an Earth Day discussion, it went a little like this...

Ms. Cheryl - speaking to the circle "What else do you do to help the Earth?"

my boy shoots his arm up excitedly....

Ms. Cheryl - "Yes, Amos?"

My boy - "My Dad & I go dumpster diving!!!"

He then turns around to look at me as proud as if he & his dad had cleaned the ocean of all pollutants themselves!

The funny thing is that when I told this story to his dad - he had the same look!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

saving moolah!

I gotta tell you...the idea of couponing never struck me as something I'd want to keep up with...lots of work, not many items that I purchase have coupons & I'm just not that organized! Well, that may have all changed today!! Check out this blog - a friend, Jessica, has recently started! I dare you not to get inspired! OK - you need more? Check this out!

I bought SEVEN boxes of Cascadian Farm Cereal today at Publix. Normally, these bad boys (or girls) would set you back about $4.00 a piece - a piece!! So, lets see... $4.00 x 7 = $28.00. TWENTY EIGHT dollars for a guilt free breakfast!! Alright, maybe not guilt free since you'd feel so guilty eating such expensive cereal! But, not anymore... at least not in the Lingenfelter household for the next couple of weeks...because Mama bought all SEVEN boxes for...drum roll please... $3.00! Yes, you read that right, I bought 7 boxes of Organic cereal for THREE DOLLARS!! Jessica, aren't you proud of me? See how your tutelage is helping? Seriously, because of some VERY simple couponing before I left for the store today I saved over $30.00! I literally cut my bill in half! I was so excited that the checker-outer guy high-fived me!

I don't know how out of control I'm going to get with this new coupon business, but I tell you one thing - I'm going to become more conscientious!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Well, he's feeling better! Thank goodness, right? Now the chore is trying to keep him occupied... Fortunately, he will go back to school tomorrow - but he'll still need to rest & not exert himself too much for 2 more weeks.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

no kissing!

This is what happens when you kiss too many girls... That's right - this boy has mono! Actually, I don't think it was from kissing - apparently it's running rampant in our little town. Our pediatrician told us she alone has seen over 111 cases this year! She jokingly referred to his Montessori school as "Mono-sori" since so many kids have had this nasty virus!

He looks pathetic - doesn't he? Really you should feel bad for his poor parents who have to keep him out of school minimally for a week & then keep him calm & low key for two weeks karate, no biking, no running, no climbing, no wrestling with his Dad!