Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Uncle Trotti

My Uncle Trotti passed away a few weeks ago.  His Memorial Service was held last weekend on Edisto Island and he was buried in the family plot in Allendale SC.  He was a wonderful man and very much loved.  He was the patriarch of the Riley clan for many years and will be sorely missed.  

Sadly, the best part of a funeral, if there is such a that you are able to reconnect with family that for one reason or another you've lost contact.  As is the case with most family or long lost friends, the 20+ years that pass between us always seems to miraculously have never happened...We pick up exactly where we left off!  

 My Uncle retired from the Army as a Lt. Col and thus he was honored with a 21 Gun Salute - an incredibly moving experience!  I tried to capture a bit of it with these images, although, it was tough making a video & crying at the same time...hence the occasional sniffle on the video.

Rest In Peace Wilmot Trotti Riley! 

Trotti on the far right

~ David Gray ~ This Years Love ~

Sunday, February 5, 2012


We are knee deep into basketball season!  It adds a bit of stress to our week - you know - getting to & from practice on a school night...but on Saturdays it's all worth it!!