Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Uncle Trotti

My Uncle Trotti passed away a few weeks ago.  His Memorial Service was held last weekend on Edisto Island and he was buried in the family plot in Allendale SC.  He was a wonderful man and very much loved.  He was the patriarch of the Riley clan for many years and will be sorely missed.  

Sadly, the best part of a funeral, if there is such a that you are able to reconnect with family that for one reason or another you've lost contact.  As is the case with most family or long lost friends, the 20+ years that pass between us always seems to miraculously have never happened...We pick up exactly where we left off!  

 My Uncle retired from the Army as a Lt. Col and thus he was honored with a 21 Gun Salute - an incredibly moving experience!  I tried to capture a bit of it with these images, although, it was tough making a video & crying at the same time...hence the occasional sniffle on the video.

Rest In Peace Wilmot Trotti Riley! 

Trotti on the far right

~ David Gray ~ This Years Love ~


Jamie said...

As usual, you did an amazing job!

Kathleen said...

Lovely. I know your family appreciates you sharing your talents to capture this special time. You know - you can still make me cry with the emotion you channel. I'm better with it now than I was in RO. Miss you.

Meg said...

wow. My dad was in the Marines so we had military at his funeral, too. When they had over that Thanks so much for sharing and I'm so sorry for your loss. Strangely, it is such a sweet time for families...maybe that isn't so strange. Just how it was intended...

Miss y'all.