Monday, December 15, 2008

Babyland General

I know, I're sick of posts with old folks...I think the past 10 or so posts have had nothing to do with cute, precious, eat-them-up without further ado...I give you two of the cutest kids evah!

**On a side note...this picture was taken at Baby Land General - Home of the Cabbage Patch Doll - or better known as "home of the bend over so we can charge you more for a doll than your real baby cost to deliver!!" That ain't no lie - can I hear some Amen's?


Paige said...

Oh I just love Babyland General. I love it when the nurse comes out and give the big tree of life its medicine and the baby comes out of the cabbage. We took Lauren a couple of years ago and I think I had more fun than she did. By the way I have never acutally adopted a baby from there. I just adopt them from Walmart.

Julia said...

Amen, My mom defenitly had a "if you want a doll we will go to the regular store later, so don't whine and complain when i don't spend an arm and a leg so you can adopt a Cabbage patch Doll" Rule that she went through EVERY time we went- even when we were like 15 and we were taking my younger sister.

My favorite part is when they ask the audience to name the new baby! but never in all my years of going was there a doll named Julia, sad day!

BEAT said...

They used "Blair" for the middle name.

But I love to tell people not from Georgia about this place. It always bring a good laugh. "Yes. They have a 'nurse' that comes out. Yes. The 'baby' comes out of a head of cabbage." Of the memories of childhood.

Jamie said...

I want to go to Baby General. I used to wish for the entire cabbage patch kid collection when I was younger.

I want this picture. I have looked at it about 5 times today.