Friday, December 5, 2008


One of my dearest friends here in town is Kerri. It helps that our daughters are nearly the same age and dear friends in their own right! We became friends not long after I married & moved to our quaint, little town. In fact, Kerri & her husband were part of our "game night" crowd, which consisted of two other couples. At the time none of us had children...once they came along things changed drastically... Kerri is a fabulous cook & actually has her own cottage industry...a catering business, which I seriously recommend. She's also one mean cake decorator as most folks around here can attest to. I'm so thankful for Kerri, she has been one of my staunchest supporters in my own business endeavor, is always willing to keep a child or two, willingly listens to my rants & rages, loved our new President at the expense of friends & family and always, often much to my chagrin, is willing to look at both sides of an issue! Cheers to Kerri!


Kerri said...

You are a sweet and wonderful friend!

Ashley Reed said...

Cheers to Kerri...she's all of that and more!

fiona said...

awesome picture of kerri...great post!