Friday, April 18, 2008

Phi Mu

Tonight I had the pleasure of photographing the Phi Mu formal...what made this an interesting night is the fact that nearly 20 years ago I myself was a Phi Mu...hard to believe but true. Let me just tell you - some things never change!

Girls in formal dresses - check

Guys in suits - check

Drunk guy puking on the bus on the way to the formal - check (except this time he wasn't my date!)

Lots of cheek to cheek photographs - check

Cruel, but probably true, awards - "Most Drunk" "Most ridden like a bike..." - check

Clarence Carter's "Strokin'" on the dance floor - check (yes I danced to this one, no I didn't get most drunk...)

Seriously, I had a great time, thanks to Sarah for asking me to do this! Love in our bond!


j&bH said...

I am celebrating at a Phi Mu wedding this weekend...sisterhood is forever. :)

P.S. I am bummed we missed the Huntsville time we'll have to get the Bianchis (plus chilluns & son-in-law) and the Algies (plus chilluns, sons-in-law, and grandbabes) together for a soiree!

Pelham said...

WOW I knew I loved you! I was a Phi Mu too! I know they certainly enjoyed you being there!