Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This child is going to drive me crazy! Yes, I realize she is only 2 and that even if the God's of Daughters shine down bright on me, there will be at least another 18 years the two of us fighting over her clothing choices! The past few days have been tough - she's adamant about what she wants to wear and what she doesn' helps if it's pink, unless it's the pink sweater with the wrinkle in it...she prefers skirts and short sleeves...and you all know this, the shoes must have a heel...she's killin' me! And, where did she get this grand interest in clothes? Obviously not from her mama, I prefer comfortable shoes and if the pants don't create too much of a muffin top...I'll wear them!


Jamie said...

Lets see. Her aunt Jamie loves the color pink, wears god awful heels, she has a skirt on at the moment with a short sleeved shirt... Hum,,, must be me where she gets her great taste in clothes.

Kerri said...

We are all in for it with these girls! Good luck!