Monday, April 21, 2008

Have you heard?

We are officially in mourning, we knew this day would come...our good friends and neighbors are moving... they say it's only a mile away, but it seems like Timbuktu...who will we enjoy our evening stoop beers with? Who will I borrow the ketchup desperately needed for dinner? Who will they call when an allergic reaction hits? I mean who is going to spy on them 24/7 like Gladys Kravitz?

But, they promise to come around...As one of the founding families of our Neighborhood Wednesday Evening Dinner's they will always be invited and included no matter where they live, even if it is Timbuktu!

Now if only their realtor can find a nice, young couple with 2 children, preferably a boy & a girl between the ages of 2-6. Oh, and they can't be stingey with their stuff because I will need to borrow something...


fiona said...

okay, we have changed our mind. we aren't moving because there will be nobody to care enough to spy on us, nobody to vent with about our crazy kids, nobody that i can walk outside and have an hour conversation with, nobody to bring us dirt when you have extra, and especially not anybody that have been as great of neighbors or friends! we love you and we really are sad that we are moving a mile away too!

Tania Rauth said...

I'm so sorry you're losing your neighbors. I know that can be hard. But its a good chance to teach your kids about change, and how to cope with that, etc.

Thanks for your comment by the way. I'm really glad you like my blog. You know you actually inspired me to start one! :)