Monday, August 12, 2013

~ My Girl ~

Recently,  I've realized that I must clean off my computer.  I tried to register with an on-line storage site and they are telling me that it's going to take me FIFTY-ONE (51) days to upload my computer to their site... 51 Days!  That's a lotta shit on my computer that I no doubt do not need.  So, I've been going through the million+ (the only time I'll see that number in my life) files on my poor Mac and deleting what I can.  It's been like a treasure trove!  All the images I meant to edit of my family & the videos.  Oh, the videos!  Like most kids these days, my kids love to video themselves with my iPhone.  Thank God!!  If not, I might not have any thing to show, no proof of my parenting skills, no proof that they once were tiny, little babies that I could easily lift and hold!   

My newest goal is now to take all these quick videos on my computer and compile them into several videos that I can save forever & ever!  Like this video of my Lou.  It must have been taken about 3 years ago, right after she cut her bangs & we had to give her the cutest hair cut ever!  (I beg her every day to let me cut her hair again in that cute bob!)  She must have been nearly 5 years old.  OMG, I could eat this child up!  It's a wonder that I didn't have 5 more kids after her, just trying to recreate her cuteness!!  

Check her out, singing a college favorite of mine... 

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