Saturday, August 3, 2013

Edisto Mattress Swing

Recently, we spent a week at one of our favorite places...Edisto Beach.  For the 2nd year in a row we went with some of our favorite Peeps.  Two families we've really grown attached to since moving back to the ATL.  Attached enough to consider vacationing together...  

As we did last year, one afternoon we came in from the beach, showered & dressed earlier than usual and headed out for some vacation pictures.   This year instead of doing the prerequisite beach pictures, I took us inland instead, down a dirt road with delicious moss covered trees.  The quintessential low country look.  In spite of being eaten alive by mosquitoes, I love the way the images turned out.  

On our way back to the beach we passed an Edisto monument, the Mattress Swing.   The Mattress Swing was a landmark for many families, ours included as we made our yearly trek to this wonderful, dreamy island.  This year I had enough gumption to pull off the road, jump out with four kids and cajole them into letting me take their picture quickly!  Well, three of them, mine, refused.  She pouted, she yelled and she cried.  She was mortified that I would do something like this in such a public place.  "Mom, this isn't even our property!"  "Mom, we don't live here!"  "Mom, even though I'm only 7, I worry too much what other people will think of me..."  Ok, maybe I made that last one up, but it's what she meant.

Finally, she decided she'd join us, but I have to wasn't wholeheartedly!

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