Friday, August 2, 2013

Growing up!

Remember when you were little how you wanted to be and do just like your parents?  I remember, when I was 4 or 5, how bad I wanted to be married.  All I knew was that married people got to sleep together in the same bed & I hated sleeping alone in my bed.  My parents regularly removed me  from their bed... I still remember crawling to the corner edge of my mom's side of the bed, hanging on for dear life and hoping that she wouldn't kick me out of her already-too-small-for-2-grown-adults double bed. 

My little girl loves the idea of wrapping her hair up in a towel like her mama does.  For the longest time her head was too small and the towel too big for it to work.  That didn't stop her from trying though.   A few weeks ago she & her sweet friend tried their darnedest and were so proud of themselves for accomplishing this adult task. Another sign they are growing up too fast!


Ioana Lilishor said...

well, childhood is full of memories... and i have one that`s almost stalking me :)) i remember since i was little that mom had a very good friend... and sometimes she was bringing us something sweet (now i think it was a sort of fruit jelly but i couldn`t tell for sure) that seemed to me at that time so so so great and special :))
and now, at least once a month when i go shopping i am thinking: today i have to find that thing and go home and eat it all by myself :))
this is so funny :D
so, could you tell me now what was that thing? :P

jlindsey said...

Sweet Ioana, was that friend me? I hope so, I hope I brought you & your sweet sisters regular sweets! Although, if it was...I have no idea what it was...tell me more, maybe I can dig deeper into my poor memory!

Ioana Lilishor said...

well :)) of course it was you :P
i don`t know what else to tell you, that`s all i remember, you were giving us some coloured jelly (green and red) into some glasses and it was good :)) i believe we have some photos too, but i`m not sure, i`ll check for them though :)
and yes, you brought us the sweetest sweets a child can receive, and we all thank you for that >:D<

jjpershing said...

A little Lindsey