Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Marley & Me

This is our neighbors dog - who happens to be named Marley - he's pretty cute, huh? You can tell by my girl's outfit that both of my kids took advantage of the 1st sunny afternoon we've had in a while. They quickly shed their winter duds & found their summer ones stored under the bed - even though it was still a bit chilly! Everyday, on the way to school they ask me..."Mama, when is Spring? How much longer?" It's a good thing they were born in the South, huh Kathleen?


Kathleen said...

I have no doubt your spectacular children would quickly adapt to any season, anywhere!!! By asking "when is Spring" maybe they are just curious about the seasons, calendars, day light savings, flowers, worms and other spring-related fun!! it was great to talk to you last weekend! Miss you
te pup - kathleen

Jamie said...

what a sweet girl. please hurry and visit me so i can love on your beautiful children. I am having withdrawls.