Thursday, March 18, 2010


I have this obsession about making the perfect lunch for my boy! Seriously, everyday I try to make the yummiest lunch ever! Fortunately, he isn't too hard to please. Today it was a homemade "lunchable". He'll probably grow up lamenting the homemade lunchables I fix him. I can just hear him now... "all I ever wanted was an Oscar Mayer lunchable..."


Kerri said...

I'm already in fear of what to make my girl for next year. At a play date, I'm always checking 'the Your lunches are probably great!

Jamie said...

Looks yummy to me.

Carolyn said...

I wish I could be as excited as you about lunches, but to tell you the truth I really dislike making really stinks on days when I have to pack all 4 in the morning after/while fixing breakfast! Too much too early! Let us know what you put in yours!