Sunday, August 30, 2009

So long old friend!!

On Friday we bid our old, faithful Isuzu Rodeo adieu! He (I guess it was a he??) was 10 years old & had given us ten good years! He had safely driven us around for 192,000+ miles. This car saw the Husband & I on our 1st date, drove numerous times the 75+ miles, one way, to my house in Atlanta while we dated - sometimes late at night... This is the car that brought our brand-spankin'-new babies home from the hospital. Nervously carried my child, who was reacting to his 1st peanut-allergy, to get his 1st doses of benadryl. The Rodeo drove silently as my daughter, still a fresh newborn, screamed from the top of her lungs for no apparent reason. It hauled dogs, recycling, stinky messes (sometimes those were the dogs!), lumber, groceries and lots of love! It visited, as close as we can figure, 19 of our US states, many family members, and survived 2 fender benders and 1 hydroplaning incident. As a matter of fact - this car helped us build the Jimmy Carter Work Project in 2003.

Our boy was especially sad to see it go. That's an authentic kiss blowing in the picture. His deep attachment was a surprise as he asked for us to keep it around just so he and his sister could use it as a "Play Car." Luckily, the old key he got to keep sufficed.
Good bye old friend.


Danielle said...

aw how precious!!!!

fiona said...

this is SO sad!!!!

Katie Cox said...

I remember when she was born!

That's right I said she.

DaddyJim said...

Sometimes even a piece of metal can be a good friend. Good pictures and by-line Sis.

Meg said...

Everytime I see one, even no where close to LaGrange, I look to see if its Alvin...always will, I'm sure!