Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1st day of school!

Today was our 1st day back at Montessori! It's also my boy's 1st day of kindergarten!! It's a little anti-climatic because he'll be returning to the same class with the same teachers, but none-the-less...it's still KINDERGARTEN!!! He's such a big boy & really wanted to ride his bike to school...so we let him...it's not that far, lots of sidewalks, he should be ok......

Seriously, his sweet dad rode with him & gave our girl a ride in her Chariott - now Mama has to go & pick them up...that should be interesting!


Anonymous said...

So glad I got that shirt back to you in time for school! Precious!

Katherine said...

He is so proud that he can ride his bike that he wanted to show off to his classmates.