Sunday, November 28, 2010


This year we are trying something new...making our own advent candles. We started with some sheets of beeswax.

We placed a wick on the wax and then rolled it up!

Some folks required a little assistance...I'm not sayin' who...

Love this image!

Then we added some accoutrements to the candle sticks.

Finally, Dad carved out apples to hold our candles.

The lighting of the 1st Advent Candle "Hope"



Carolyn said...

So sweet! I love them all! I know the kiddos enjoyed doing this!

Amber said...

What a fabulous idea! Now I want to make my own advent candles. Next time invite me, mkay?

dmw212 said...

I love this idea....especially making / decorating the candles. Precious memories! Debbie

Kerri said...

Beautiful! Love the idea of making your own candles. We stopped with making the Advent wreath. Maybe next year we can follow your lead! Great job!