Thursday, September 24, 2009

!!Deuxième Parti!!!

Alright, I admit it...I went a little overboard... But, honestly - I had a great time doing this! For several months this idea tumbled over & over in my mind and in the end result, I have to say, was pretty close to the one in my head! Well, if you don't count the deluge that forced us to cancel the par-TAY on Satur-DAY!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

!!Birthday Celebration!!

WOW! How did this happen? My baby girl turned four!! ACK!! It was such a super day that it deserves two posts...we'll start with the 1st party of the day...her Montessori celebration!

Walking around the "Sun" four times - signifies how many times the earth has gone around the sun since she was born.

Snack time! We had popcorn!

I also learned that popcorn bags double as great hats! Who knew?

Singing "Little Pig" - apparently the most requested birthday song!

She sees her Daddy!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rain, rain, go away!

This is why we are having to postpone today's birthday party...or should we have still played through? Nah, the cupcakes aren't even decorated...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Let me begin by explaining that these images were taken with my iPhone...

We had such an exciting day! We drove up to Chateau Elan today and the kids were models for a photography workshop. The workshop, LearnFest was led by four renown child photographers and was attended by 60 photographers from all over North America. And, can I just say that my kids were AWESOME!! I was so proud of them! As you can see from these photographs they were pounced on by many, overzealous ladies with cameras - and they loved every minute of it!

If you'll indulge a proud Mama for one moment I'd like to gush about my kids! Obviously, I was proud of how darn cute my kids looked, but more importantly I was so proud of how well they behaved! I can't tell you how many women came up to me & commented on how polite and well mannered my babies were! And even if they only behaved like that for an hour & 15 minutes they done me proud!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


My girl's birthday is in a week or so. For her birthday we are considering a bunny...or a kitten... We've got to decide between the two - and no, I'm not getting both! Which would you choose?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Are you effin kidding me?

I just got off the phone with my sister - the one with four kids... she told me that her school system sent home a permission slip for parents to sign. Not a permission slip for a field trip to the local zoo, field day or sex education, but a permission slip for parents to sign if they do not want their kids to watch a pre-taped speech by the President of the United States of America...can you even begin to believe that? What in the hell is our country coming to when school kids have to have permission to listen to a speech by their country's current President? Do you really believe, even for one second that this bullshit would have ever occured with our former President - any of them? I mean give me a break! Had something like that happened we would have been ostracized and called "Un-freakin-patriotic" if we'd even thought of keeping little Johnny away from school that day! Seriously, I guess President Obama should be honored since so many ignoramus folk believe he has that much persuasion that he can corrupt their precious children's mind with one speech about staying in school.

He's the President for Godsake - not the blankety blank boogeyman!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Day

I wish I had something witty or profound to say...but I don't...I guess I'm just feeling a little obligated to post something - obligated by whom I don't know... Maybe I'm just feeling obligated to type as many triple dots as I am prone too... I'm sure you've noticed that I ain't got the greatest command of I've figured out that rather than worrying about commas, semicolons or any punctuation for that matter - I just proficiently use dashes and dots... works for me... if only I'd figured this out in Freshman English...or at least paid attention the three times I took it...
Anywho...have a wonderful & safe Labor Day weekend. I'm off to labor in Atlanta today - I have a fabulous wedding to photograph in Piedmont Park - I'm so excited!! Oh, I also realize that I use the exclamation mark too freely as well!!! c'est la vie? My blog......-......-.....!!!!!