Sunday, October 4, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, we were in the big city for a show & dinner - alright, we went to Sesame Street Live & then Zesto's, but it sounds so much better the other way around... Anywho, as we were leaving Zesto's we noticed a man coming towards us, actually scooching towards us. He was in a wheelchair, obviously disabled and was using his legs to propel himself backwards in the direction he wanted to go - quite a feat! So, we did what every other family visiting the big city does...we hurried the kids into the car, averted our eyes & tried to get away as fast as possible. But he was quick - and managed to engage my sweet husband in a conversation, I couldn't hear what he was saying, but I could tell that my main man was just trying to be polite & waiting for the inevitable ask...

Normally, we don't carry cash - you have to have some to carry it - but for some reason that night we were flush! So, I grabbed up 2 one dollar bills, handed them to my husband and instructed him to give them to the man, which he did and then promptly got in the car. Once in the car he turned to me & said "Did you see that man? He was missing 1/2 his skull!" To which I said..."WHAT? What do you mean 1/2 his skull?" And he replied, "his head looked like a deflated basketball!" Apparently, as told to my husband, his name was Alvin, he'd had a tumor removed from his brain and was lucky to be alive. Here's this poor man, scooching around Atlanta in a wheelchair, no money, no home and probably very, very poor health care - and all I could scrounge up was two measley dollars??? What kind of person am I? The Catholic guilt started making its way through me - I found more money, handed to my husband and made him pull back over, roll down the window & hand this guy the rest of the money.

My husband: "Hey, Alvin!"
Alvin: "Yes?"
My Husband: "My name is Alvin too, here ya go!" (gives him the cash)
Alvin: "Thank you sir! You know my birthday is December 25th - they say I'm blessed!"
My husband: "Whatta ya know? My birthday is December 24th!"


Paige said...

Oh my, I have goosebumps!

Kerri said...

What are the chances!!!

Maybe your generosity can hold him over a little until SOME kind of healthcare reform can happen! One can dream!

Carolyn said...

Now I feel really bad! We got in our car as quickly as we could and avoided about quilt. Maybe we could eat there again and he will show up...either him or the hooker we saw! SAVE THE WORLD!

Katherine said...

That gave me chills.