Saturday, October 4, 2008

Small World

A few years ago, right before the Iraq war started, I kept up with an organization called Christian Peacekeepers Team (CPT). CPT is a group of volunteers who "get in the way of violence. CPT intervenes in situations of violence." So, there they were, a team of CPT'ers who were getting in the way of a start of a war. I kept up with their daily website updates, reading about their days, their frustrations and fears. There was one young man, Scott who wrote several updates.

Fast forward a little over a year later - the husband & I were in Columbus for the annual SOA watch. We were having dinner at a local diner that was packed full of folks from all over the country (and world) who were also taking part in the SOA rally. At dinner I notice a guy who was the center of conversation & I recognized him as the young man from the CPT group in Iraq. I felt as if I had had a brush with a celebrity...

Fast forward even further - 3 days ago...the CPT steering committee is meeting here in our little town & we've been asked to host a couple of people in our home for the duration of the meeting. Friday night we were invited to join the whole group for a fellowship of sorts, food, stories of peace initiatives and music. Guess who I meet? That's right...Scott! He's now a seminary student at Ilif in Colorado & still active with CPT. Pretty cool, huh?

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