Thursday, October 16, 2008

The boy

We had the best time this past Monday visiting a Pumpkin Farm. I'm tellin' you it was the best money we've spent in a long time! Not only were there pumpkins to pick from the field, a tractor full of hay to ride, but also a little petting zoo, a hay loft to jump from, a hay maze, roasted corn on the cob, yummy pumpkin pie & several large bins of corn for kids (all sizes) to play in! We're definitely going back next year, especially since we have a whole year to start saving for it...

A funny from my boy... Today we were in the car and he told me that Madison is no longer his girlfriend. Swear to you these were his words... "she broke up with me." Again, do I have to remind you that he's FOUR freakin' years old?

Also, yesterday he asked his dad if we had "PBSkids dot org?"
his Dad said "I believe so"
he said "no, I mean PBS kids dot org backslash"

Seriously, we need advice!!


fiona said...

Madison will regret it...but i must say that mm is excited...she has had her eyes on that boy for a long time!

Sinead said...

I love Tate Farms! We're going tomorrow!

Oh, and I have no advice. I have another one of those. Maggie can see any random commercial once (Thank God we usually watch Noggin with NO commercials!) and repeat it word for word with the correct inflections!!