Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The War

In order for me to keep some resemblance of sanity around here I generally pick and choose which battles I feel are worth fighting with my kids. Usually I do not pick the ones involving clothing or shoes...that is until Easter Sunday... This past Sunday I decided that Lou was GOING to wear the shoes I'd picked out for her...a pair of cute navy Mary Janes, they went perfectly with her Easter dress and dressy white socks.

Lou: "IIII DONNNN'T WAAAAANT TOOOOO...sob, sob, sob"

But I prevailed and she wore the shoes! I knew I'd won the battle as we were walking into sweet little girl, holding my hand looks up at me and says "I like my shoes Mommy!" I tried not to gloat too much.

Fast forward to after church...we go to a really, really small church - full of kind people who volunteer each week to keep the nursery, which usually consists of our two kids - and that's it. Don & Nancy kept the nursery this particular Sunday. Sweet Don & Nancy who brought my kids Easter gifts... A coloring book for my boy and these for my girl...

Which really means I won the battle, but lost the war!


Kerri said...

I'm sure, the first of many wars we will wage with these 'sweet' girls of ours! Too funny!

Paige said...

Love the shoes! Lauren calls those "fancy shoes". Those are a favorite at our house too.

Jamie said...

What can i say. your daughter has good taste and she must take after me!!