Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pinterest FAIL!

I, along with every other Mother on Pinterest, thought we'd take a different Easter Egg dying route this year...what an epic failure!!

First we started with the "natural dyes" you know from blueberries & red cabbage...the kind that stinks and not just from the smell of them cooking!  OK, to be fair, the natural dyes did work when we left the eggs in the dye for over 12 hours.  How's that for fun with a 9 and 7 year old?  Patience?  These kids don't even have the patience to wait for me to pee before they start screaming for me to help them with whatever is on their mind at that very moment!  Imagine me trying to convince them that their egg will come out a pretty blue once we return home from church services, the NEXT day!  Epic failure #1

Next, we tried the rolling your egg around a pile of shaving cream with food coloring...Yes, this is a good idea - NOT!  OK, it was fun squirting out all of that shaving cream, something I know a lot of us have dreamed about doing.  But, how many of us sent our kids to church on Easter Sunday with black fingers and nails?  I swear to you people...I cleaned their hands!!  It was the food coloring that stuck to their hands and not the eggs!   Epic failure #2

Next year, I'm sticking to the PAAS Easter Egg dye we all grew up with.  Heck, what's one more unnatural dye in our lives?   It might even cancel out the sugar from the jelly beans and giant chocolate bunnies we devoured the next week!

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