Monday, January 28, 2013


It's been a long time coming!  Sadly, my passport expired last year...the kids did not have passports...we couldn't go anywhere outside of these here United States of America....BOO!  Then we got our act together, renewed & applied for passports & BAM! we were on our way!!  Where?  To El Salvador of course!  Fortunately for us, our main squeeze, the husband/dad, was teaching a course in El Salvador for the majority of January & the kids & I could piggyback that trip!

We had an awesome, awesome time!  And I mean awesome!!   My kids kicked ass traveling!!  Airports, no problem!  Custom guys, no problemBathroom way in the back of the plane, no problem!  Speaking very little problemo!  

This trip was the best mix of travel, service & vacation!  We were able to visit a volcano, play soccer with after school program kids, visit a nursing home, trek through a village with a local doctor, eat fresh tortillas & papusas, drive on crazy, hair raising roads, ride in motor-taxis, visit a beach with black sand, see the Pacific Ocean for the 1st time and take surfing lessons...all in one very short week!

There's so much for me to show!  I'm going to start with our travel!  The kids were such troopers! 

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jjpershing said...

what a great experience for all of you.