Saturday, March 10, 2012


The other day, a friend on Facebook posted a picture of her delicious breakfast - Eggs Benedict.  As I am prone to do, I made a funny/sarcastic remark about how she was making us "all" look bad by making her family a warm, yummy, attractive breakfast on a Wednesday morning, before school, no less.  I've thought about that Eggs Benedict a lot the past couple of days...about how much Gina loves her family and shows it in simple ways - like preparing a beautiful breakfast.  

This morning (albeit a slow, Saturday morning) I decided I was going to show my family some of my love for them.  I basically made the same thing I would have made them any other mornings, croissants, bagels, yogurt, but instead of tossing it on the table in front of them I served it up on our finest china.  

What a difference presentation makes!  You would not believe how much we all enjoyed this breakfast!  I told the kids that they could have whatever they wanted - that included the chocolate croissants. It was so nice to sit down and leisurely eat and enjoy each others company on this glorious Saturday morning! 

Life really is about the presentation isn't it? 

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proudmama said...

Love it and so glad that you all enjoyed a wonderful breakfast. It looks delish and it is all about presentation. I totally agree!! Where do u get chocolate crossaints