Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nerve Pill

How do you go from this...

to a matter of a week?

Easy - bump heads with your friend!

Can I just tell you that this Mama does not do blood well? I really don't think people believe me, rather, they use to not believe me!
Never has the phrase..."Mama needs to lie down & take a nerve pill" ever have more meaning then after I pushed my baby's teeth back up into her mouth!

It wasn't until the next day when she visited our dentist that she looked like this. Thank goodness we find her cute with or without teeth!


Kerri said...

Aren't you glad you don't have to wonder if they are about to fall out every time she takes a bite? Better that he pulled them. Of course, she is adorable either way!

By the way, looks like the first one is on it's way back in!

Anonymous said...

I think she is beautiful this way too! I love you Leighton Granna