Friday, October 22, 2010

Grub Town

I walked out one day to check on my kids and to my surprise (and disgust) I found them playing in "Grub Town". Grub Town was little village that they created for the grubs that they had dug up in my Father's garden. On one hand I was quietly throwing up in my mouth - and on the other hand I was taken with their enthusiastic and loving nature towards these nasty little creatures! Oh, the quandaries of motherhood!!

And, let me just tell you - those little buggers can really move!! That one in the last image was truckin' towards that hole!

**taken with my iPhone


Carolyn said...

How funny! Love it!

Kerri said...

Ughhh - I do hate those grubs! Wish I could send you some chickens to 'handle' the situation!