Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Last night, this sweet, beautiful child of mine told me..."I like my friends moms better than you!" Seriously, she did! Then she added..."I like Dad more than you!" She thought about it a minute and said..."No, no, I LOVE him more than you!"

I'm sure you are asking yourself what my infraction was that caused this outburst...I was merely getting her ready for bed. That's it. Getting ready for bed. Can you imagine what is going to spew from her mouth when I tell her she can't go on a date with THAT boy? Hopefully, that will be at least a few years from now!


Kerri said...

That breaks my heart just a little bit for you. No fun hearing those words. You know, she won't even get that those little words hurt until she has one. You know she loves you - that is what matters!

Jamie said...

Oh Lou. What are we to do with her.