Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The hardest part of leaving our old house was leaving behind this piece of work... At the very last moment I remembered that I had forgotten to transfer this valuable bit of history. Frantically, I grabbed the only thing that remotely resembled paper, a long piece of Bounty paper towel, and hastily copied these lines, dates & names. As you can tell I also tried to capture the information with my camera, but it loses some of its impact digitally.

Now once I find that paper towel, hopefully it wasn't used to clean up some spill, I have plans to create a growth chart that will be a little more mobile. I'll let you know once I do!


Julia said...

we did that when we were little in the jamb of our doors, each of us had a different door, and i really wish we had those measurements now!

Kerri said...

ooohhhhh - I thought you were going to say that you had taken out the door frame. i know you have to have lost that. at least you have the information!