Saturday, November 8, 2008


Well, a lot has taken place here the past few days... besides the obvious... I just had my 40th birthday!! I know it seems impossible - me - forty - but it's true! My children have been reminding me and anyone else we run into...

The entire week has been one big celebration! One day flowers, another a President, the next a CD, then a book... Unfortunately, I was sick as a dog on my actual birthday...and no, it wasn't from too much celebrating the night before...

Last night the husband & I headed to the big city & to IKEA...that'll wear you out! Who knew we needed all that Swedish stuff?

Then to top it all off...a big Surprise party...without all the SURPRISE!! Can I help it I'm super keen & it's hard to pull a fast one on me? Regardless, it was beautiful! Thanks to my wonderful husband, family & friends I had an excellent fortieth birthday!! Thank God it's over!

**kids lined up for yummy cake

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