Saturday, August 16, 2008


I'll admit our garden has produced alot more this year than last year, but come on...we have harvested about 4 eggplants and more look like they're growing, and once our tomatoes kicked in they've been producing a decent crop, albeit small tomatoes. Thank goodness for basil - it's been plentiful! The yellow squash was doing great, until these nasty white worms bored into the stem and I'm not even going to mention the strawberries,beans, cucumbers and okra that were a no show to our garden fete'.

Our tiny little garden boxes truly give me a better appreciation for the fresh fruit and veggies that show up at our farmers market. Grow on!

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Julia said...

as promised i will leave you a link to my blog- no judgement if i don't post as often when school starts up next week! love you and your family