Friday, January 25, 2008


This weekend we travelled to Mobile & Dauphin Island to visit with my dad who was home from Iraq & to attend the Mardi Gras parades...what we didn't expect was another celebration... My sister's engagement! That's right. . . Ben asked Jamie to be his bride. . . how exciting! The really amazing part is even after spending the weekend with my crazy, and I mean crazy, family he STILL wants to marry her...he must be crazy!

Here they are the Happy Couple!

This is my favorite part of this story...Ben actually asked Jamie to marry him TWO years ago. . .unbeknownst to her. . . Fastforward to Friday when Ben actually had a ring and officially asked Jamie to marry him. Here's how it went down. . . .

He gave her this card, a Valentines Day card that he had originally given to her TWO years ago. . . a card with a secret message. . . the first letter from each sentence spelled out "Jamie will you marry me?" On Friday he just went through and highlighted the letters to make it easier for her to romantic & cool is that?


Kerri said...

Best Wishes Jamie and Congratulations Ben! That is such happy news!

Jamie said...

Oh sister, you shouldn't have..

Anonymous said...

Man, those are some pretty floors. Are they bamboo?