Monday, August 27, 2007

Rock & Roll Guest Blogger ~ Meghan

Meghan came over yesterday to hang out with Amy-Lee & Lou. While we were gone Meghan got pictures of him that I can never, ever get...why will he pose for her but not his Mom? (Why do I feel like I'll be prefacing a lot of my future sentences with. . ."why will he do ____ for her, but not me?") Anyway, these are the cutest, funniest pictures. I love to see pictures of my kids that other folks take, it's kinda weird to see how other's see your child.

I couldn't choose one picture that would do this scene justice, so I made the collage, but there is one picture that is my favorite. . .

You can say you knew him when. . . this kid's gonna be a rock star! You can tell them his mama told you so! Rock on!


candice said...

I love me some Amos!! He is so cute.

Jamie said...

He is so damn cute. I wish I could just come over and hangout with Amos and Lou Lou. JEALOUS.