Sunday, July 29, 2007

We're back. . .

From our nice little holiday! We packed it all in this week...cousins, hiking, bears, canoeing, hot-tubs and kittens...I warn you there are a lot of pictures coming at you. Don't be embarrassed if you have to stop & take a break!

Luke & Noah, I believe these 2 are Amy-Lee's favorite people in the world!
Aunt Carolyn had four, that's right FOUR kittens! Lou-Lou was in heaven! Too bad the same cannot be said for the kittens, I think they may have seen heaven with her handling...but all she wanted to do was give them a kiss.

On Tuesday we all loaded up and went blueberry picking, EXCEPT there weren't ANY blueberries! Apparently there was a late frost, darnit! OK, I exaggerated, a little...we did find a few...very few...

Jonah enjoyed his time at the blueberry orchard.

As did his twin sister, Riley

Lou sharing a few of our blueberries with me.

Lou & her weary Dad, he worked hard for those 76 blueberries!

Then we headed to NC to visit with Uncle Roy & Aunt Susan

Where we hiked a great trail near their home.

Or at least some of us did...the rest were carried.

The next day we went canoeing, thankfully Dad grew up on a farm in MS and knew all about paddling an anxious Mother & her two wiggly babies.

Both kids were fascinated with Uncle Roy's stream in his backyard, they were always fishing, sans fish...

And finally, a family hot-tub tubs, not what they use to be...

And one last stop at Aunt Carolyn's to get one last look at those kittens. Didn't I tell you she loved them?

Thanks for looking! I promise from here on out there will be one picture a day! That is until our next trip. And, for those of you asking, why aren't there many pictures of Amy-Lee? Well, he isn't too interested in posing for the camera & it's a challenge to get a picture of him. What can I say?


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Lacey said...

Looks like a great time!